Covid-19 – Coronavirus

Subject to local government measures COVID 19 CORONAVIRUS is covered under your policy subject to the usual terms and conditions of your plan.

The policy terms and conditions remain unchanged as do the benefit tables. To the extent that each policy which includes cover for the costs of medication, consultations, pathology, radiology and hospitalisation these would also apply in the case of suspected and confirmed cases of Corona virus at contracted network providers. We will however be bound to comply with local protocols in respect of testing and treatment of Covid-19 which may require members to comply with Government guidance, irrespective their membership of private healthcare. With regards to the corona testing this would only be covered if they are having symptoms and it is prescribed or ordered by the physician.

Normal rules will also apply to possible evacuation cases where these are included in the policy terms and conditions and if someone falls ill and cannot get treatment locally. However, the restrictions and bans on international travel may affect any international evacuation benefits. We will continue to treat all evacuation cases in the usual way to ensure that, where evacuation is medically necessary, members receive treatment in appropriate facilities and that our International Medical Evacuation Assistance (IMEA) will assist in planning the appropriate travel to the nearest centre of medical excellence taking into account any travel restrictions.

Where a member believes they have contracted the Coronavirus / Covid-19 they should consult their local public health guidance protocols in the first instance and should NOT seek face to face medical services unless specifically instructed to do so. Local medical practitioners and public health officials will direct members to suitable medical facilities. However, members who experience any difficulty obtaining information should contact the IEMA service as detailed on the reverse of your membership card who will be able to source an appropriate facility. Please do no contact this number with general enquiries. For General enquires please contact [email protected].

Around the world the public is being encouraged to follow these protocols to ensure health infrastructure is able to cope with the strain placed on it by Coronavirus / Covid-19 and we support this initiative.

Should the need arise for healthcare services not related to Coronavirus / Covid-19, members should continue to access Healthcare Network Providers in the usual manner and should call the appropriate number on their Medical Card to establish availability. However, if at all possible, members should try not to place any additional burden on local healthcare providers as they struggle to deal with the pandemic.


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